Steven Jones, David Kubiak- The Los Alamos Connections

(more dirty past?)

22nd July, 2006

1. Gerard Holmgren on Nico Haupt’s research into Steven Jones & David Kubiak:

Even before Nico’s post below, there was certainly plenty of circumstantial evidence that Jones is either COINTELPRO or else being used by them to the extent that it makes little difference whether he’s actually getting a pay cheque.

Lets go through that evidence.

First, we have proof that the “truth movement” in general is controlled at the highest levels by COINTELPRO forces. The single most identifiable fact of that proof is David Kubiak. The executive director of “” is on record as telling the NY times that Sept 11 was *not* an inside job.

How does an openly declared supporter of the *full* official story, become executive director of an organization which claims to be the umbrella movement for all those seeking the “truth” of the event?

Incompetence? Accident? Oversight?

This is rather like observing the behaviour of US officials on the morning of the attacks, even before solid evidence came to light.

“What we have here is either stupidity and incompetence on the part of the movement on a criminal scale, or else treason and complicity.”

The movement must now be subjected to the same standards of scrutiny.  How does someone who has openly declared to the mainstream media that S11 was *not* an inside job, become a high profile leader of the “movement” supposedly attempting to prove that it was?

“Ah well, we didn’t know. When he became executive director we didn’t realize that he held these views.”

And what about after the NY times interview?

Ah , well .. is not really that interested in mainstream media coverage you see, so were unaware of the comments.”

And why hasn’t been expelled since you became aware of them?

“Well , we don’t talk about internal inquiries, but we can assure you that a full assessment of the situation will be carried out, and if there is any evidence of inappropriate behaviour , it will be dealt with in the appropriate manner”.


“Well , I don’t think its helpful to put artificial timetables on these sorts of matters. If there is an issue there, then it will be fully dealt with in the appropriate manner”

Does this sound familiar?

How did Ken Jenkins [ Director] deal with this situation? He said that movement tolerates minor differences of opinion.

I see. In a movement dedicated to proving that S11 was an inside job, then saying that it was not an inside job is a minor difference of opinion? And not just tolerated. Rewarded!  Executive director, no less!

And you thought that Kissinger as chairman of the 911commission was a joke? That was credible compared to this.

But while the assertion that it was not an inside job is only a minor variation on the assertion that it was an inside job,  the idea that it was an inside job involving TV fakery inspires a furious barrage of apoplectic frothing at which any flag waver could only stand and admire.

Given that, then anyone who is enthusiastically promoted by this movement becomes suspect.

That in itself is circumstantial in relation to Jones, but it is only the opening shot.

With that as background, now let us examine Jones’ contribution to proving demolition.

…OK, we’ve done that now. That is – nothing. Zero, naught, zilch, zip, bugger all, a big fat doughnut.

Well, that’s not a crime in itself. Those incapable of research (even in the fields of their professional expertise) can always provide publicity – even if it’s better late than never.

When was the demolition case wrapped up as proven? Early/Mid 2002.

When did Jones first appear? Mid Late 2005.

3 ½ years later.

Remarkable! A physics professor who took 4 years to work out that the law of gravity still works![‘Controlled Demolitions’ can be defined by the free-fall speed of the Towers, and the symmetric collapse into footprints … no other physics is necessary to absolutely prove CD] Even though any interested person with a junior high school level of scientific understanding could have had this drawn to their attention simply by surfing the net – for the last 3 ½ years!

So either Jones is a complete idiot – or else he’s an opportunistic coward who hid in the shadows and waited for other people to do the work and take the risk, and take the endless attacks dished out by the “movement”.

The movement – which it must be remembered, fought tooth and nail *against* the demolition evidence for years.

What could have been achieved in 6 months in terms of public demolition awareness took 4 years, due to the movement deliberately obstructing it.

Let me give you an example. SF has a big “truth” scene, right? Since about 2002, one SF resident , Jeff Strahl, completely of his own initiative, set up a little stall at the Saturday market in Berklee for the purpose of talking to people about the demolition. Every weekend – for years.

Not one person from the SF truth scene helped him. In fact he was attacked ,ostracized, and expelled from “truth groups”. He was ridiculed, called a nutcase, discrediting the movement (does any of this sound familiar). He became a pariah from the “movement” for his efforts on the demolition.

BTW, Jeff himself is a Uni Lecturer, so he was also risking his career.

What was Steven Jones doing all this time?

Hiding in the shadows, letting people like Jeff take the shit, not only from the flag wavers, but also the movement which treacherously united with them against the demolition evidence.

Jeff wasn’t the only one. This is just one personal story of those who had to fight the movement every step of the way on demolition, right up to about mid 2005, when it quite suddenly became a matter of religious obsession with them.

What should have taken 6 months took 4 years, due to obstruction from the movement

And the ministry of truth suddenly declared – “Controlled Demolition is the only issue. Controlled Demolition has always been the only issue.”

The chocolate ration went up from 50 grams to 70 grams.

About Mid 2005, Winston Smith was doing lots of overtime on the newspaper back issue editing department.

Winston’s job? To erase the memory of the fact that the movement had fought *against* demolition evidence with everything it had – right up until Mid 2005.

A few months after this miraculous conversion, enter Steven Jones.

Jones’ first act was to attempt to plagiarize the old demolition work. The only previous researcher who he credited was NSA spook Hoffman, who himself has plagiarized it all, having also contributed a big fat zero.

 Not surprisingly, the only other thing of note in Jones’ appearance was to launch an attack on the no planes evidence. In his *very first* publication. In a paper which purported to be a scientific paper relating to demolition, Jones somehow wandered off the track to attack “junk science” which had zero to do with the work which he was attempting to claim as his own.

In response, I beat Jones up so badly on this, that he withdrew his attack in a humiliating back down, and hasn’t dared to renew it since.

After licking his wounds in relation to the beating he got in response to his ill-fated attack on the no planes evidence, Jones continued to set about becoming ‘demolition hero’.

He was embraced with cries of ecstasy by 911 – you know, that organization which has an executive director who tells the media that Sept 11 was *not* an inside job.

But Jones made a curious slight of hand with his plagiarism campaign. One would think that both scientifically and strategically the first port of call would be to prove that it was a demolition, before going into details about the exact techniques used.

After all, “it *doesn’t matter* whether it was thermite, or conventional explosives, or some exotic weaponry. The first thing is to agree that a crime was committed .”

Isn’t this the normal cry of the unity movement? Oops, sorry! Just slip in “no planes”  instead of “thermite”. Whether or not there were planes doesn’t matter, but whether it was thermite or not is seemingly of extreme importance.

You see, in his paper, Jones took an extremely cautious line on whether it was a demolition. He simply concluded that it was “plausible” and urged a series of “tests” in order to examine the “hypothesis.”

Rivetting stuff - 3 ½ years *after* demolition had already been proven [by free-fall speed, footprint collapse].

Please, if anybody is claiming that demolition was still only a “plausible hypothesis” in August 2005, then do let us know.

Nevertheless, being cautious and slow to the point of stupidity is not a crime, as long as it is applied with consistent standards, and the journey continues at whatever agonizing pace the Professor’s intellectual capacity will allow.

So the movement – that same movement which fought the demolition evidence for years - breathlessly waited for the “tests” with which our hero would prove the demolition. Well… they sort of got forgotten about. He skipped over that part, and then suddenly became obsessed with thermite as the *method* of the demolition which he sort of forgot about proving to begin with.

Funny how someone who was claiming only that demolition was “plausible” should skip the “proof” part and suddenly become obsessed with the method – something which is totally superfluous as to the basic question of whether it was a demolition.

Even more curious that the movement which is always bleating “it doesn’t matter whether there were planes or not” isn’t similarly on Jones’ back.

“Look, Jonsey. Shut the fuck up about thermite. It *doesn’t matter* exactly what demolition technique they used. The first thing is to prove that it was a demolition. The rest can come later. This kind of hair splitting only distracts our energies and divides the movement.”

If any Truthling has delivered this rebuke to Jones, please to point me to it.

So there we are, a crowd of Truth Goblins, chanting “Jones! Thermite! Demolition!”

As a result, the flag wavers are having a field day with Jones. And rightly so. He has done more to damage the demolition argument in the public mind than anyone. His work is rubbish. Absolute rubbish. The only parts which are sensible are those which he plagiarized from 2002 demolition research – which was nearly all done by the same no planer people, who are now getting the same kind of crap over no planes as the Truthlings dished out to them for years over the demolition issue, before suddenly having their religious conversion.

There are many examples of this, but one the sickest was Jones’ use of the WTC 7 squib footage. Guess who found this footage and made the enlargements?

Rosalee. The Webfairy.

You know – the idiot who knows nothing about video, but at the same time manages to be a cunning a COINTELPRO agent who single handedly faked all the tower hit videos herself and fooled the networks into using them instead of the real footage?

At the same time as being a dippy well intentioned idiot manipulated and used by master Israeli spy Holmgren, who’s contelpro resources are so huge that his website is one of the ugliest and most amateurish on the net from a pure webmasters POV, and hasn’t yet managed to put out a single book or video on the subject, nor hire a hall anywhere for public talks.

Yeah, I can tell you the COINTELPRO budget is huge downunder. I mean you only have to look at my work to see the masses of money and Govt resources behind it, and the huge promotion budget.

Yes, the Webfairy – who’s video work is so appalling on the planes but so excellent on WTC 7, that we can’t let anyone know that it was her work.

Apart from the work which he ripped off, Jones is nothing but appalling trash, swaggering around behind the title of “Professor.”

I now get emails almost every day from flagwavers attacking me, triumphantly pointing to Jones’ bullshit about thermite.

I have to spend half the argument telling them that Jones is considered an idiot by anyone who is serious about the demolition evidence, and that while he is broadly correct in asserting a demolition, his appalling standards of unscientific drivel should not be considered in any way representative of the argument. What little sense he makes is not his own work.

I hardly manage to actually argue the evidence any more because I have to spend the whole conversation disassociating myself from Jones.

*If* Jones is COINTELPRO, then he is certainly not an idiot. He has done a masterful job of sabotaging the credibility of the demolition evidence.

And this of course is why he is the darling of the Truth Goblins. Because the entire movement is one big COINTELPRO op.

2. Nico Haupt on Steven Jones & David Kubiak:

Steven E. Jones - part of the original 9/11 WTC weaponry team?

Plus the Jones-Kubiak ( Los Alamos Connections - unreflected, refreshed compilations by ewing2001 [Nico]- draft (July 21, 2006).

Is the end of the 9/11 Truth Movement nearby by taking out "controlled demolition" or the movement itself?

A last minute check on Steven E. Jones and David Kubiak - the current leaders of this movement.

Some of us, critical on the infiltration of the 9/11 Truth Movement suggested very early, that Steven E. Jones could have been planted into this movement to control the outcome. He even needn't really to know about 'his role' by himself.

Similar suggestions had been made regarding the role of David Ray Griffin and the ‘cultification’ of, also the infiltration of URANTIA into

Others, including myself, started to wonder if Prof. Jones maybe created a "limited hangout" against the research for the part of "unconventional weaponry" regarding the collapses. In critical circles about the movement the joke or speculation is getting louder that Jones is US Intelligence.

But maybe it's even "more". Please read on....

Jones didn't really speak out yet on the possibility of nanothermite (nanonergetics inc.) or additional combinations of exotic weaponry. He also didn't disclose yet, where his source on the air sample, Janet McKinley, had [obtained] her samples.

Last weekend [July 15-16 2006], on the Webster Tarpley Radioshow, Prof. Jones finally ruled out the possibility of thermonuclear weapons, based on just the result of these samples.


Why is the "controlled demolition" and the 9/11 Scholars so extremely popular in US Media, even on US TV, however worldwide almost barely noticed at all? (with some exceptions in Scandinavian and Italian papers).

Even German press, usually quick by reflecting the latest on the 9/11 Truth Movement was silent on Kevin Barrett and the latest hype on the 9/11 Scholars on US TV.


Why at the same time closing into the 9/11 anniversary, "WW3-5" becomes the distraction from any kind of 'political opposition'?

Was it all designed and synchronized in the first place?

Who is really playing this movement in the media right now?

Why is the hostility against the findings on 9/11 TV Fakery so intense?

Why is it INDEED NOT hurting the movement at all, at least not in US Mainstream media, because the findings aren't reflected there either?

Why is controlled demolition really such popular but no-one really is investigating on it anymore?

With one 'exception': Steven E Jones.

Maybe we should even go a few steps further in our speculations on Jones!

What is if Steven E. Jones, "religiously briefed", is not only a (passive/active) military intelligence 'officer' undercover, but was part of the crew who developed the weaponry for the collapses in the first place?

Jones owes us some answers, why he stopped his scientific investigation on the unconventional part of the collapse, the part which forced the pulverisation of the Towers and all its content?

What happened with the investigation on the pulverization??

Does he really think, that his audience buys into the use of conventional thermite and thermate to produce these results?

Why did he never pick up my compilations on nanothermite and nanoenergetics?

Or my earlier speculations between 2002/03 on thermobarics?

What about scalar weaponry or other possibilities etc.. etc.?

Why is it that the current media outrage about 9/11 Scholar Kevin Barrett is so intense, yet the originator of the scientific paper in the first place [Jones] is nearly untouched in US Media?

What is Steven E. Jones' real background regarding his Cold Fusion research?

What was his role and content regarding the TRIUMF laboratory and TRIMUF experiment in Vancouver? TRIUMF is partnering with 30 international nuclear laboratories worldwide.

Is Jones somehow also connected to Russ George, the best buddy of director David Kubiak, who both worked on Cold Fusion in Japan?

Why did the 'wedding' between and Alex Jones really take place? (At a time, when WING TV and others revealed their shady and obscure background and both lacked reputation!)

Why is Prof. Jones still backed by Los Alamos, Lawrence Livermore, Sandia and the high elite science society "Sigma Xi"?

Where is the international outrage against him being aware of his highly sensitive military knowledge from the past and today?

Was Steven E. Jones' research on Sonoluminescence part of the program for the weaponry for the additional weaponry for the Twin Towers collapse?


Is that the real reason, why he's controlling the outcome now?

Let's take a look at some of Steven E. Jones military research fields, beginning with an interesting letter from 1995, clearly written by himself (as seen in initials and connection with Brigham Young).

Please follow the fact, that Sonoluminescence is described as 'exotic physics' which can produce temperatures "as high as 108 K" - enough to melt some steel???

Steven E Jones is also mentioning his friend and former partner Terry Bollinger. Bollinger is now with MITRE:

Terry Bollinger

Analyst, MITRE Corporation

Terry Bollinger is an IT Analyst at the MITRE Corporation. He works for the Pentagon on issues related to selection and funding of advanced software research, and on how to encourage faster, more effective military use of emerging private sector information technologies. Terry researched and wrote a widely quoted 2003 MITRE report that documents widespread U.S. military use of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), and which identifies examples of how open source software contributes positively to national security.

1995.03.02 / jonesse@vanlab / RE: Sonoluminescence and Fusion

Originally-From: Newsgroups: sci.physics.fusion.

Subject: RE: Sonoluminescence and Fusion Date: 2 Mar 95 13:32:16 -0700 Organization: Brigham Young University.

Dear colleagues: There have been several postings lately regarding sonoluminescence(SL), and a possible connection to fusion. Our work continues on searching for neutron emissions associated with bubble cavitation in sound fields, using our sensitive neutron detectors, deep underground, in Provo Canyon (Utah). I should report that we have not yet detected any neutron emissions from SL, in deuterium-filled bubbles in aqueous solutions. We have, however, achieved both multi-bubble and single-bubble (clock-like) SL using D2 bubbles.

Terry Bollinger and I suggested a possible connection between SL and fusion back in 1992 on this net, and I spoke briefly on the subject at the ICCF-3 meeting in Nagoya in October 1992. But nothing has panned out yet. We have not given up still. Below I send updated information from a previous post to s.p.f.: I would like to call your attention to two interesting articles on sonoluminescence (SL). The first was written by Lawrence Crum of the Univ. of Washington, one of the true gentlemen of modern science. His article appears in this month's issue of Physics Today (Sept. 1994). Appended to this post find an earlier commentary on Prof. Crum's colloquium at BYU in January 1994 and related ideas. Note that in that post the notion of fusion during bubble cavitation in SL is advanced -- indeed, this idea was discussed here on s.p.f. as early as 1992 (Jones, Bollinger, etc.). Well, Prof. Crum is bold enough to advance the idea in his Phys. Today article: "The strong probability that SBSL results from an imploding shock wave has now made this curious phenomenon one of considerable interest.

This spherically symmetric implosion has the potential for creating some exotic physics... Calculations suggest that temperatures as high as 108 K are to be expected...

Steven E. Jones and Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion*/Condensed Matter Nuclear Science Frequently Asked Questions

5. Is cold fusion dangerous? Is it harmful to the environment?

Cold fusion is a clean form of nuclear energy; it produces no radioactive waste. No greenhouse gases result from cold fusion. The dominant by product is helium, an element that is safe for living beings and the environment.

7. Who discovered cold fusion?

Cold fusion was discovered in the mid-1980s by electrochemists Martin Fleischmann, a Fellow of the Royal Society, and Stanley Pons, chairman of the chemistry department at the University of Utah.

8. Where did the term "cold fusion" come from?

Physicist Steven E. Jones, and his team at Brigham Young University in Utah, first used the term in the scientific literature. The proximity of these two schools is a coincidence. The process discovered by Jones' team is markedly different from the process discovered by Fleischmann and Pons.

Steven E Jones and "Sonoluminescence"

Sonoluminescence is the emission of light from bubbles of air trapped in water which contains intense sound waves. Hypothesized in 1933 by Reinhardt Mecke of the University of Heidelberg, from the observation that intense sound from military sonar systems could catalyze chemical reactions in water, it was first observed in 1934 by H. Frenzel and H. Schultes at the University of Cologne.

Theorists are working on models of sonoluminescing bubbles in which the inward-traveling wave becomes a shock wave near the center of the bubble; this is thought to account for the extremely high temperatures there...

...some researchers are investigating the possibility of using these imploding shock waves to obtain the million-degree temperatures needed for controlled nuclear fusion...

Why is sonoluminescence so interesting?

Sonoluminescence has created a stir in the physics community. The mystery of how a low-energy-density sound wave can concentrate enough energy in a small enough volume to cause the emission of light is still unsolved. It requires a concentration of energy by about a factor of one trillion...

...Such a high temperature makes the study of sonoluminescence especially interesting for the possibility that it might be a means to achieve thermonuclear fusion...

Observations of Single-Pulse Sonoluminescence

M. J. Moran, R. E. Haigh, M. E. Lowry, and D. R. Sweider

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore

Sonoluminescence (SL) is the emission of flashes of light by imploding air bubbles in liquid...

...These results leave open the possibility that the SL source is substantially hotter than the 10,000 K that was implied above...

If the source temperatures actually are substantially hotter than 10,000 K, then, as numerous authors have speculated,4,5,6 SL might prove to be a fascinating approach to inertial-confinement fusion.

More in the context of Sonolumiescence:

Meeting the Energy Needs of Future Warriors (2004)

Robert J. Nowak is a consultant and former program manager at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the Office of Naval Research. He has directed and supported research in fuel cells, batteries, capacitors, energy harvesting, fuel processing, thermal energy conversion, microengines, hydrogen storage, biofuel cells, sonoluminescence, and biomolecular motors. Dr. Nowak initiated the DARPA Palm Power program, which focuses on portable power research and development for a variety of DOD missions...

Short Biography of Jean-Pierre Vigier

The Stochastic Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, 2000

...De Broglie sent Vigier to Brazil to spend a year working with David Bohm on the renewed causal interpretation of quantum mechanics....

...Interestingly, there is now very good experimental evidence for the production of excess energy in sonoluminescence experiments arising from the work of Talyarkhan et al. at Purdue University and about to be published in the Physics Review E."...

Jones conducted his PhD research at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center from 1974 to 1977), and post-doctoral research at Cornell University and the Los Alamos Meson Physics Facility...

...Jones is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He has given credit to the Mormon assertion that Jesus Christ spent some time in Latin America after his resurrection...

...1990 BYU Young Scholar Award; Annual Lecturer, BYU Chapter of Sigma Xi...

...From 1990 to 1993, Jones researched fusion in condensed matter and deuterium, for the U.S. Department of Energy and for the Electric Power Research Institute.

Jones has also been a collaborator in several experiments, including experiments at TRIUMF (Vancouver, British Columbia), The National High Energy Laboratory, KEK (Tsukuba, Japan), and the Rutherford-Appleton Laboratory at Oxford University.

Jones has also researched sonoluminescence, solar cooking, and archaeometry...

Jones' religious background

...Jones published a paper entitled Behold My Hands: Evidence for Christ's Visit in Ancient America in which he uses archeological evidence to support the claims of Joseph Smith Jr. (founder of the Latter Day Saint movement) that Jesus had visited the Native Americans after his Resurrection.


Canada's National Laboratory for Particle and Nuclear Physics

TRIUMF is a world-class subatomic physics research laboratory located on the campus of the University of British Columbia, a twenty-minute drive from downtown Vancouver. TRIUMF is one of three subatomic research facilities in the world that specialize in producing extremely intense beams of particles.

Interesting facts about the TRIUMF Cyclotron:

# Particle speed at maximum energy: 224,000 km/sec - 3/4th the speed of light. At this speed you could travel from the earth to the moon in two seconds.

# Particles accelerated per second: 1000 trillion. TRIUMF has one of the most intense proton beams in the world.

Collaboration Agreements:

# Comision Nacional de Energia Atomica(Argentina)

# International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna (Austria)

# Institute of Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy, Sofia (Bulgaria)

# Institute of Nuclear Physics(Kazakhstan)

# Institute of Nuclear Physics(Uzbekistan).....

# Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory (USA)

# Lawrence Livermore Laboratory (USA)

# Los Alamos National Laboratory (USA)

# Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (USA)

# CERN, Geneva (Switzerland)

# INER (Taiwan)


High Energy Accelerator Research Organization

Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

Chairman: Prof Sir Graeme Davies, Chairman CCLRC


Russ George

D2Fusion Scientist Russ George holds experimental solid-state fusion reactor in hand standing on the Goliath HOT Fusion Tokamak at General Atomics of San Diego.

David Kubiak's bizarre connections

Head of, communications director at Los Alamos .(Kubiak is married with a japanese woman, often travelling between India and Japan on further undisclosed missions. What was the real reason of creating

Why did he influence his best 'scholar' Nic Levis not to support any evidence on "controlled demolition"?

Who is really funding the secret head of the 9/11 Truth Movement? Los Alamos??

March 24, 2006

Eventually, though, "when truth and justice are done," says David Kubiak, the University of Utah will bask in the glory of its association with cold fusion. Kubiak is communications director of D2Fusion of Foster City, Calif., and Los Alamos, N.M., which will be hosting Fleischmann and is setting up a lab using his "recipe."...

Feature Article, October 20, 2005

... "Russ George, whose father worked on the Manhattan Project, is one such researcher. After cobbling-together his garage experiment, he went on to invite himself to all the major laboratories pursuing cold-fusion research. They included SRI International, where a coalition of electric utilities financed experiments; Los Alamos National Laboratory, the birthplace of the atomic bomb; the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, which partnered with the Naval Air Warfare Center, and the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center for 10 years of cold-fusion research.......

(Kubiak and George know each other since years, also via PLANKTOS )


SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 23, 2006--On the 17th anniversary of Dr. Martin Fleischmann's first public revelation of room temperature, non-radioactive nuclear fusion, D2Fusion, Inc. is proud to announce Dr. Fleischmann's agreement to serve as its senior scientific advisor. D2Fusion, a California-based solid state fusion energy firm with engineering centers in Silicon Valley and Los Alamos, New Mexico, is a subsidiary of Solar Energy Limited..

Contacts: D2Fusion, Inc. W. David Kubiak, 650-638-1976 david(at),en/

Founded in 1997, Solar Energy Limited... in collaboration with leading Los Alamos scientists ...Solar then funded and incorporated D2Fusion, Inc. and Planktos, Inc....

See also "*BOYCOTT" (August Tuesday 23rd 2005)* by ewing2001[Nico]

"...Dr. George has also worked as a visiting scientist in the Claytor/Tuggle laboratory at Los Alamos.

Professor Dr. Y.C. Zhang works at the Tsinghua University, which was occasionally sponsored by defense contractor Westinghouse, which is also supported by the James Baker Institute and their Micro-Nuclear Technology research....."

Contact Russ George regarding his availability and consulting rates <>

**Clients**** who for whom we have consulted and/or presented briefing seminars in this field include:**

U. S. Secretary of the Navy (see description <>)

EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute)

MITI (Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Japan)

The Canadian Institute of Energy

NASA Space Power Division

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

The Naval Research Laboratory

Lockheed Martin Corporation

Motorola Corporation

SRI (Stanford Research International)

Texas A&M University

Stanford University

Portland State University

University of Osaka

MIT Research Laboratory for Electronics

General Atomics


**examining QMS data on M5 Experiment**

This image has been scaled down to fit your computer screen. Click on it to show it in the original size.

img239/8643/m51zhangkubiakcp9.jpg <>


David Kubiak

        *Public Affairs*     * **National Service** US Peace Corps, Rural Korea, Public Health (1967-1970)

·           **Elected Office** Student Council, Kennebunk High … Student Council, Bowdoin College …Board of Directors,

·           *Japan* Civil Liberties Union, Kyoto Virtual Mayor, Kyoto,

·            **Public Service** Founder Member/Project Director, Kyoto Citizen Diplomacy Association … Founder Member/Board of Directors, ISSK (International Society to Save Kyoto) … Board of Directors, Kyoto Initiative & Referendum Council …Director, Nancho Ijin Butai …Director, International Citizen Access Center


SIGMA XI The scientific Research Society

Membership: Membership in Sigma Xi is by invitation. Those who have shown potential as researchers are invited to join as associate members. Full membership is conferred upon those who have demonstrated noteworthy achievements in research. Each year the Society initiates nearly 5,000 new members.

2000 Sigma Xi Forum Speaker/Panelist Biographies

John Browne

John C. Browne has been director of Los Alamos National Laboratory since 1997. He came to the laboratory in 1979 as a group leader in the Physics Division...

...From 1993 to 1997, Browne was program director for Los Alamos Neutron Science Center (LANSCE) and energy research programs, responsible for overseeing LANSCE research and operations and for coordinating the Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Research programs.

Robert J. Eagan

Robert Eagan is vice president for the Energy, Information and Infrastructure Surety Division at Sandia National Laboratories...

Paul Fleury

Paul Fleury is dean of the School of Engineering and professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of New Mexico. Prior to that, he was vice president for research and exploratory technology at Sandia National Laboratories and spent 30 years at AT&T Bell Laboratories...

Robert A. Frosch

A former vice president of research at General Motors and former head of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)...

Wendell B. Jones

Wendell Jones is the laboratory ombudsman for Sandia National Laboratories..

Beverly K. Hartline

Beverly Hartline is the acting deputy associate laboratory director for strategic and supporting research at Los Alamos National Laboratory...

Patricia L. Oddone

Patricia Oddone is the executive assistant to the director of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, which is managed by the University of California for the U.S. Department of Energy....

Jeffrey Wadsworth

Jeffrey Wadsworth is the deputy director for science and technology at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory...

Addendum of NOTES:

URANTIA- U.S. Intelligence Ties

1942: Jacques Weiss (URANTIA Book translator), OSS 1956 -1965: General Duane Faw (URANTIA Teaching Mission -TeaM- channeling supporter), USMC/United States Marine Corps, CIA 1969 -1992: Neal Waldrop (Future URANTIA Foundation trustee), NSA, US Navy, U.S. Department of State (1976) 1974 -1983: Professor Duane Faw (Chairman of the URANTIA Brotherhood's Legal Committee), USMC


1999-2005: Les Jamieson , so far only proven connections to "EX-Intelligence" (Ray McGovern, Wayne Madsen, Robert Baer etc...)


During early 2006, i informed the 911Scholars about unconventional weaponry, who could have additionally forced the collapse.

I'm not sure, why Professor Jones didn't go a step further with his latest paper, but in case, it gets lost again, here are all my sources.

The suspects for "nanoenergetics" aka superthermite as part of the unconventional part of the controlled demolition can be located at the "Center for NanoEnergetics Research" (created in Spring 2001, only a few months before 9/11), the commercialized Department of Defense Contractor "NANOTECHNOLOGIES, Inc." (also founded during 2001), Sandia and Lawrence Livermore.

Center for NanoEnergetics Research

CNER is an Army funded center created in the spring of 2001 and exists at four university sites, with the University of Minnesota as the lead institution.

External Advisors-Collaborators

Dr. Alex Gash,Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL)

Dr. Carl Melius,Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL)

Dr. Andrzej Miziolek,Army Research Laboratory (ARL)

Dr. Betsy Rice,Army Research Laboratory (ARL)

Prof. Mintmire Oklahoma State University

...Very little is known about the safety risks presented by engineered nanomaterials. From currently available information, the prevalent safety risks are most likely to involve catalytic effects or fire and explosion hazards....

"....Although insufficient information exists to predict the fire and explosion risk associated with nanoscale powders, nanoscale combustible material could present a higher risk than a similar quantity of coarser material...

...The greater activity of nanoscale materials forms a basis for research into nanoenergetics. For instance, nanoscale Al/MoO3 thermites ignite more than 300 times faster than corresponding micrometer-scale material...

November 25, 2005

A Texas company that has developed a powerful alternative to conventional lead-based munitions says it will commercialize and market its explosive compound through a spin-off company it plans to establish in New Mexico.

During a recent visit here, executives from Nanoenergetics Inc. said New Mexico's research and testing assets, economic incentives, growing private investment scene and accessible political leaders make it an ideal place to establish their new startup.

Nanoenergetics is being spun off from Austin-based Nanotechnologies Inc....

Unique nanoparticles, reactor technology and enabling applications

NANOTECHNOLOGIES, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of precision-engineered nanoparticles, with average particle sizes between 10 to 50 nanometers. Our expertise is in metal and metal oxide powders that are pure, discrete, spherical, and highly crystalline nanoparticles. NANOTECHNOLOGIES, Inc.'s materials allow customers to build new classes of products that we have labeled ANEASM, or "Advanced Nanoparticle Enabled ApplicationsSM".

NANOTECHNOLOGIES Inc. management team

Dr. Dennis Wilson - Chief Technology Officer, Chairman of the Board and Founder

Dennis is co-founder of NANOTECHNOLOGIES, Inc. and co-inventor of the proprietary process. He received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas in 1977, and has more than 30 years of experience in industry, government, and university research. Dennis' expertise is in hypervelocity physics, plasma dynamics, aerothermodynamics, and materials synthesis...

...Dennis has eight years of technology management as founder and president of Applied Sciences, Inc. He has also served as director of special projects at the Institute for Advanced Technology. In addition, Dennis has been awarded a NASA Faculty Research Fellowship on three occasions, a DoE Research Fellowship twice, and an AFOSR Research Fellowship...

Darrin Willauer - Vice President, Engineering

Darrin joined NANOTECHNOLOGIES, Inc. in 2000 and is responsible for engineering development activities for all projects and research programs.

...project engineer with Dowell Schlumberger,

Dr. Kurt Schroder - Chief Scientist

Dr. Schroder joined NANOTECHNOLOGIES Inc. in 2000 and is a co-inventor of the core processes. He holds an S.B. in Physics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Texas at Austin. He has over 15 years experience in plasma physics and pulsed power and has worked for industry, government, and academia. Kurt has numerous publications, 2 patents, and several patents pending in the following technology areas: vibration reduction and impact physics in hammers and sports rackets; blackbody radiation diagnostics and magnetic fluctuation measurements in tokamak plasmas; and onboard optical telemetry systems and launch package design and diagnostics on railguns.

Houston, Texas, January 24, 2002 –

Carbon Nanotechnologies, Inc. (CNI) said today that it has stepped up efforts to develop applications utilizing single-wall carbon nanotubes for defense and national security purposes. CNI has engaged the noted consulting firm of Technology Strategies & Alliances (TSA), headquartered in Burke, Virginia, near Washington, D. C., to assist in the strategic market development of national defense directed products. The company believes that an accelerated research effort will bring new and significantly improved products to market that can enhance national defense.

“The U.S. Department of Defense, the Navy, Air Force, Army, and NASA have been involved for some time in extensive research using single-wall carbon nanotubes or ‘Buckytubes’,” said Bob G. Gower, President of CNI. “We believe that Buckytubes can significantly enhance the ability of defense products to shield, absorb, or otherwise modify electro-magnetic signals, key needs in many mission-critical areas...

Molecular Nano Weapons: Research in China and Talk in the West

Friday, Feb. 27, 2004

The Impact of Emerging Technologies

January 21, 2005

Smaller. Cheaper. Nastier. Those are the guiding principles behind the military's latest bombs...

...With funding from the U.S. government, Sandia National Laboratories, the Los Alamos National Laboratory, and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory are researching how to manipulate the flow of energy within and between molecules, a field known as nanoenergentics, which enables building more lethal weapons such as "cave-buster bombs" that have several times the detonation force of conventional bombs such as the "daisy cutter" or MOAB (mother of all bombs)...

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