The London Bombings – An Analysis.

By Veronica Chapman, 26th August, 2005



Since the 7th July 2005 (to the time of writing) we have been subjected to a number of conflicting news stories related to the tragic events that occurred, in London, on that day. This article is an attempt to weed out the rubbish and, in doing so, to analyse the established facts of the matter.

In doing so, it is always best to remember that information that comes out immediately following an incident is often closer to the truth than information later released – in the case where a cover-up or damage-limitation (to someone’s reputation) is deemed necessary. The reason for this is simple. Any form of cover-up takes time to establish. Usually at least one day. During that period witnesses will often speak freely, unaware of the full impact of their statements. Then, some while later – after they have been ‘leaned on appropriately’ - they will return ‘No comment’ to later requests for confirmation of what they said in the heat of the moment. This happened in relation to the London Bombings.

I call this the ‘Silverstein’ syndrome. Larry Silverstein was (and still is) the head of a cartel that owns the World Trade Centre complex in Manhattan, New York City. When asked why WTC Building 7 collapsed in the late afternoon of 11th September, 2001, in a videotaped interview he said: “The Fire Chief called me and told me that the fires could not be controlled. I said, we’ve had such terrible loss of life, the best thing to do is to pull it, and we watched the building collapse”. This interview was broadcast on the American Public Service Broadcasting (PBS) programme “America Rebuilds”. It also appears on the DVD and VHS publicly available copies of the programme.

Mr. Silverstein will no longer repeat that comment for the very simple reason that it carries within it the ‘smoking gun’ of irrefutable evidence to show that the Bush Administration carried out the 9/11 attacks upon their own citizens. The simple reason for that is that Mr. Silverstein admits he gave orders for a controlled demolition of the building, which was mysteriously on fire (even though it had not been hit by anything). It takes weeks, and a lot of careful planning, by highly-skilled demolitions experts, to arrange the perfectly-controlled demolition of WTC7 that occurred in the late afternoon of the day of the 9/11 attacks. Fresh explosive charges must be laid of the right type, and in exactly the right places. Meanwhile, the building was on fire? (The fires were very small, by the way. A sprinkler system should have coped with ease. The fires were almost out when WTC7 was ‘pulled’).


The Established Facts of the London Underground Bombings.

Four devices exploded, killing some 55 people, and injuring many others. Three of these devices exploded on the London Underground, and one on a bus.

In the evening of 7th July, on Radio 5, Mr Peter Power gave an interview. Peter Power is ex-Scotland Yard, and runs a company known as Visor Consultants. Visor specialise in providing ‘Crisis Management’. During the interview he expressed his utter amazement at the fact that his company was running a drill on 7/7, an exercise that involved the exact same scenario (‘suicide bombers’) doing exactly the same thing (‘suicide bombing’) at the exact same locations (the tube stations at which the bombs went off). His drill involved 1,000 personnel, he said. He then went on to say that, as events unfolded, his ‘paper exercise’ suddenly ‘went live’.

Subsequently Mr. Power is no longer available for comment. The ‘Silverstein’ syndrome.

However this is the first piece of serious evidence in relation to the London Bombings. Even more credible because it is now – not denied – but ‘unavailable for comment’. That is the hallmark of ‘the real truth’, in any matter.

Now we move on to another serious piece of evidence.

Mr. Bruce Lait is, in Ballroom Dancing circles, a well-known professional Latin-American dancer, teacher, and contest Adjudicator. On July 7th he, and his dancing partner Crystal Main, were seated in a carriage near Aldgate East Station.

One of the three tube train bombs exploded right next to him. Both Mr. Lait and Ms. Main were, fortunately, not killed in the explosion. In point of fact they escaped with only minor injuries (if one can called a perforated eardrum a ‘minor injury’ for a professional ballroom dancer. What I mean by that is such an injury may very well be ‘career-shattering’).

From his hospital bed, Mr. Lait gave an interview to his local paper, the Cambridge Evening News. In case this piece of evidence suddenly disappears, I have kept a copy on my own website. 

I quote the relevant part (with my emphasis):

Mr Lait, who teaches dance in Cambridge, believes he and his dance partner Crystal Main were the only passengers in the carriage who survived the blast without serious injury - even though they were sitting nearest to where the bomb detonated.

When he came to, there was a body lying on top of him and he was surrounded by the dead and injured. But incredibly, the only wounds the dance coach sustained were facial lacerations and a perforated eardrum.

"I feel extremely, extremely lucky," he said.

He recalled that the carriage had about 20-25 people in it, from all walks of life, and aged from their teens to over 60.

"I remember an Asian guy, there was a white guy with tracksuit trousers and a baseball cap, and there were two old ladies sitting opposite me," he said.

When paramedics arrived, they confirmed that the woman on top of him was dead and carefully moved her body. Mr Lait said the middle-aged woman had blonde curly hair, was dressed in black, and could have been a businesswoman.

He and Crystal were helped out of the carriage. As they made their way out, a policeman pointed out where the bomb had been.

"The policeman said 'mind that hole, that's where the bomb was'. The metal was pushed upwards as if the bomb was underneath the train. They seem to think the bomb was left in a bag, but I don't remember anybody being where the bomb was, or any bag," he said.

Now, what does one make of that? How does a ‘suicide bomber’ manage to place his bomb underneath the carriage, so that – on exploding – the metal turns upwards, towards the inside of the carriage?

Here again, Mr. Lait is now unavailable for further comment. Here again – no denial – just “No comment”. The ‘Silverstein’ syndrome. The indelible hallmark of real truth.

Now let’s consider the detonation possibilities of a bomb underneath a train carriage.

Well, first we have to contend with “timers weren’t used”, “timers were used”, “timers weren’t used”, “mobile phones were used” – “mobile phones don’t work” - etc. etc.

Timers were not used, and neither were mobile phones. Again (as usual) I base my arguments fairly and squarely on the Laws of Physics.

The bombs went off almost simultaneously. Over a 50 second period in total.

Trains do not, necessarily, run on time. This is a common gripe amongst London Commuters, although the Underground Service is reasonably reliable. But it still isn’t ‘seconds perfect’, and never could be. However an automatic timing device is ‘seconds perfect’, so the consequence of using such a device would be that there would be no guarantee where the train was, and who was on board (if anyone), at the time of detonation.

Mobile phones do not work, reliably, on the London Underground, as every commuter knows. There was some ‘spin’ about a ‘relay system’. This seriously ‘ups’ the technology and expertise – and access – available to this so-called ‘hopeless band of suicide-bombing nutcases’.

And, in any case, the bombs were placed underneath the carriages, as we have seen.

How does one trigger a bomb, placed somewhere underneath the carriage (this means either physically attached to the carriage itself, or laying between the tracks), at a reasonably precise time (within a total 50-second period), and reliably (precise location also guaranteed)?

You use a (can be battery-powered) transmitter-receiver system. The receiver controls the detonation of the bomb, the transmitter triggers it. The communication between these devices is a few feet if one of these devices is between the tracks, and the other affixed to the underside of the carriage. Perfectly within the reach and capability of even a low-power radio signal.

Basic Physics.

But this demands access, in order to set it up. Who had the access and the wherewithal? The aforementioned so-called ‘recently-converted-to-Islam band of nutcases’?

Personally I think not. However someone did, that’s for sure.

There were initial reports of ‘power surges’. When a train derails it is likely to end up short-circuiting the power rails. This would cause ‘power surges’. Once again, basic Physics. 


The Established Facts of the London Bus Bomb.

As I explain in another article I am an ex-London Bus Driver, and have close contacts with staff at one of my previous employers. Consequently the majority of this part of the analysis is based on personal experience.

It was mentioned in the press that the 'Driver was swapped'. This is of no account, it happens all the time for perfectly normal (usually social) reasons.

The skin of a bus is thin aluminium (to save weight, buses are big). Therefore the sides and roof are not very strong, and the upstairs walls are largely glass. However the upstairs floor is pretty strong, and must support about 40 people, without any 'give'.

An 'upstairs' blast would immediately remove the top of the bus, and release the pressure, and could easily leave the lower deck mostly intact. And that is exactly what happened.

The significance of this, as I explain in my  CCTV article, is that the bus CCTV is stored on a removable Hard Drive, which is located downstairs in a compartment behind the driver (on a double-decker). Consequently if the downstairs was reasonably undamaged, as is shown in the photographs, then there is no obvious reason for the CCTV images not to exist. And, furthermore "CCTVs not working" is highly unlikely for the reasons given in that CCTV article.

A rucksack, left downstairs in the luggage bay, would only become suspicious if the Driver saw that the bus was empty, or at the end of the journey (when it would be handed in as Lost Property). The bus 'becoming empty' is virtually  impossible - nay impossible - at that time of the morning in London. (Normally, that is)

Therefore a person dedicated to letting off a bomb that had a simple timer would have absolutely no trouble in dumping the rucksack in the rack, and getting off a few stops later. There would be absolutely no reason whatsoever to commit suicide.

I know how difficult it is to pinpoint a specific bus, in a short space of time. In this case the 'short space of time' was the time between the detonation of the underground train bombs and the location of, and the diversion of, the bus into Tavistock Square.

Buses are on an automated location (AVL) system, but this is not accurate. In order to determine the location of a bus for certain, the Controllers generally radio the Driver, and ask verbally.

To have located this bus, stopped it, and given the Driver the instructions to divert, the police would need to have worked at virtually the speed of light - during the London Rush Hour.

Or, for example, be tailing it.

On the other hand we have Mr. Peter Power's Visor Consultants running a 'terror drill', which (of course) the police would either be participating in, or would certainly have known about.

In a 'terror drill', designed to test responses, there must be something to respond to. In order to create as much realism as possible it is generally necessary, therefore, to have a few ‘theoretical attackers’.

On the 'third' hand, the Mossad chief, Meir Dagan, has confirmed that Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was pre-warned. Some reports indicated that this warning came from Scotland Yard.

So we have a terror drill, which the police must have known about. And we have them singling out the exact bus almost immediately.

During the intervening period since 7/7, we have had a number of mainstream news articles quite rightly implying that there is every reason to suppose that a group of 'theoretical attackers' inadvertently became actual bombers.

What other factors do we have to take into account in this analysis?

The fact that (initially) it was announced that 'military grade' explosives were used. This has since been retracted, but see “The Smokescreen”, below.

The fact that Benjamin Netanyahu was pre-warned.

The fact that commuters have remarked how strange it was to travel to work at 7:15am in half-empty trains, which are usually packed.

The fact that Peter Power's PR firm Visor Consultants were running 'terror response' drills at the exact same time, same place as the real attacks. The chances of this being a pure coincidence, and that the actual bombers were not the 'theoretical attackers', as discussed above, has been calculated (by Statisticians) as 3,715,592,613,265,750,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 to 1 against.

The fact that it was precisely the four war game drills (Northern Vigilance, Vigilant Warrior, Vigilant Guardian and Tripod II) that provided the cover for the 9/11 attacks on that fateful morning. This co-incidence-co-incidence has not been figured into the above statistical estimate.

The fact that while we are lambasted with all of the benefits of CCTV, the essential ones 'failed just when they were most needed'. (They always do, don’t they?. Have you noticed?)

The fact that only innocent commuters died. No person of prominence.  No-one who could seriously, or readily, affect the status of the Muslim community or the Iraq Invasion.

The fact that convenient 'personal documents' were found, from which the alleged bombers could be identified.

And … last but by no means least, the fact that Thameslink have stated the Luton to London train that supposedly transported the alleged ‘bombers’ to London, did not run on that day. The first Luton train to run on 7th July, 2005 would have got them into King’s Cross by 8:42am. Only six minutes before, and miles away from, where the the bombs went off at 8:47am.


The Smokescreen.

I presume you have read many of the news items related to the 7/7 bombings and 21/7 copycats.

Now, set what you have read – the to-ing and fro-ing of information  - against the established facts as explained in the foregoing sections.

The mainstream news has not addressed many of these topics, and has simply been either an inadvertent, or a willing. party to the elaborate smokescreen of the ‘four mythical-rucksack-carrying suicide bombers’.

Do you seriously believe the police don’t know all this? What about the policeman who pointed out the explosion hole to Mr. Lait? Is that policeman blind? Does that policeman have no grasp whatsoever of the most basic Laws of Physics?

No. The police know about this, and still their spokespeople continue to perpetrate the elaborate ‘smokescreen’.


Let’s consider what we have been told about these alleged bombers.

They did not display the demeanour, at any time, of persons dedicated to cause havoc, and to commit suicide in the process.

Their families and friends are at a complete loss to explain their alleged actions.

Their backgrounds do not support their alleged actions.

They bought Pay & Display Tickets when they parked their car.

They bought Return Tickets for their Mainline Train journeys.

They did not yell the standard Islamic proclamation immediately prior to the detonations.

One of them, the alleged ‘bus bomber’, stopped at MacDonald’s for a Big Mac, en route. Ignoring the obvious contradiction between Big Macs and Islamic Fundamentalism, presumably the mainstream media is telling us that you don’t commit suicide on an empty stomach.

It has also been revealed that, after the tube bombs exploded, he tried to phone his friends, and presumably could not get through. No doubt his nervousness had been enhanced by the fact that his bus had been diverted off-route into Tavistock Square on police instructions. When he started ‘fiddling nervously with his rucksack’ his own bomb went off.

In point of fact everything about these alleged ‘suicide bombers’ is commensurate with being a part if Mr. Peter Power’s drill, playing the parts of the ‘bombers’, expecting to ‘do their bit in the fight against terrorism’, and then to go home afterwards.

In point of fact everything about this whole series of incidents smacks of people taking part in (supposed) drills, whilst others had quietly substituted real devices in place of exercise fakes.

Well … doesn’t it?

Even the Sidique Khan video is commensurate with being simply a filmed interview for the job of  ‘theoretical attacker’. Particularly when one considers that it arrived (as they all do) via that well-known ‘fake video factory’, Al-Jazeera.

The 21/7 ‘copycat’ attempts bear all the hallmarks of totally staged attempt to ramp up the terror knob, on the back of 7/7. However the 21/7 attempts did not (as far is known) have the cover afforded by the ‘concurrent drills’, which create ‘plausible deniability’ - should anyone get caught in the act i.e. “Oh, I was just taking part in the drill. You know. You got the memo. Can’t say any more. National Security, and all that. You understand, don’t you?”. The wooden headed questioner nods sagely, and walks away.  He is totally ‘compartmentalised’. He knows only what is in his own compartment, and dare not tread on the hallowed toes of “National Security”.


Conclusion. Cui bono?

When any crime has been committed it is always necessary to look for who stood to gain. Very rarely does anyone commit a crime (as this surely was) when they inevitably stand to lose – even if they manage to evade being caught as the culprit.

So let’s review the situation at the time.

At the time of the attacks, the G8 Summit was in progress in Edinburgh. We had just had Live 8, which respected journalist John Pilger had exposed, in The New Statesman, for the scam it was.

In the UK we had the stirrings of a discussion, within the Ministry of Defence, about withdrawing our troops from (what was basically) George W Bush's and Tony Blair's private war - the illegal Iraqi invasion.

We had the public disillusionment at an all-time high, with even the 'patriotic US Lapel Pin' losing Appeal.

We had all just learned that top White House advisor Karl Rove was the person responsible for committing treason by naming Valerie Plame as a CIA agent, and putting many other agents lives at risk (therefore).

We had the bombshell of the Downing Street Memos causing an uproar in the alternative media (hardly a mention mainstream), leading to House Representative John Conyers holding a Congressional Meeting, the conclusion of which was to 'nail an impeachment document on the White House door'.

We had George W Bush's approval rating at an all time low in the United States (and abroad).

We had Tony Blair's Government just scraping through the NIR and ID Cards vote in the Commons, with predictions that it will be 'ripped to pieces' in the Committee Stage, and in the Lords.

We had the Anti-ID Card forces gathering apace, with the NO2ID 'refuse pledge' in full swing.

We had, therefore, Tony Blair's approval rating also at an all-time low.

And a whole lot more besides (for example Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor's sudden, terse, resignation).

On the other hand we had London with a population about 20% Muslim. Consequently bombs going off in that area was likely to ensnare members of that community. We have a Qu'ran-driven religion that allows direct self-defence against an aggressor i.e. the invading army, but specifically forbids violence against a population as a whole (even those from which that army originates). We had the Ministry of Defence murmuring about Britain withdrawing its troops from Iraq. We have pictures of the alleged bombers in fairly high spirits, nothing at all like the 'fanatics' they are supposed to be. We have the situation where Muslims are as capable of anyone, of adding 2 + 2 to equal 4 (after all, they gave us our Numbering System, didn’t they?), and therefore knowing that such an attack would create a backlash.

When the police investigate any crime they look for three things: Motive, Means, and Opportunity.

The opportunity to carry out this kind of attack is always there (ID Cards or not, according to just about everyone, including our Home Secretary). However he was "shocked that the suspected bombers were British". This is very subtle. It is spin for "You see! We need ID Cards because even British citizens are capable of being suicide bombers".

The means are attainable in this day an age by anyone with sufficient motive. The motive is, therefore, the essential thing. So who had the motive? Who stood to gain?

The 'approval rating' of the Muslim community has deteriorated, as would have been obvious before the attacks.

However the 'fear factor' generated by these attacks has put the ID Card legislation 'back on track'. It has enabled Blair to propose legislation for tracking and tracing each e-mail and phone call, with sombre nods of approval all round from the woodenheads in our Parliament. It has enabled him to steamroller the legislation to prohibit protest within a 1Km area around Parliament.

It has improved Blair's approval rating no end, and has wiped away all the nasty headlines, and storm clouds, that were gathering over both himself, and his pal George W Bush.

Cui bono? Who stood to gain everything, and - with the fully-compliant mainstream media on his side – afraid of asking any awkward questions - to lose absolutely nothing?

Who’s agency, MI6, had all the Means (the technology) and every ability to create the Opportunity?


No. Our Prime Minister would not sacrifice 55 lives and many injuries just for the sake of his popularity and legislation (and the promise of a directorship of the infamous Carlyle Group when he steps down), now would he?

Perhaps you should study our Prime Minister more closely.

If you have followed the invasions of Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq to any degree, you will know that he already has an immense amount of human blood on his hands. He has sanctioned the use of cluster bombs and depleted uranium weaponry in all three of those nations. The result is incalculable, both in current terms of human suffering, past terms of human suffering, and human suffering for 4.5 billion years into the future (the half-life of deadly depleted uranium). It has been estimated that the amount of radiation dropped on to Iraq alone is equivalent to 250,000 Nagasakis. (Context here)

He has sanctioned the use of ‘Daisy-Cutters’, carpet bombing, and the repression of any dissent whatsoever.

And, you will note, all with a warm smile on his face.

And even this ignores the plight of the troops, of all nations, including the United Kingdom. It further ignores the surprising number of eminent microbiologists, journalists, and others who have met with ‘mysterious deaths’ over the last few years, for example Dr. David Kelly.

Do you think 55 lives would stand in his way? Do you think 55 extra lives would stand in the way of making sure this treason never gets a full airing in our mainstream press?


Addendum (4th October, 2005).

Recently I inspected the scene of the bus bomb. The bus had picked up the ‘bomber’ at 9:30am, come out of Euston Square and immediately been diverted straight ahead (literally seconds later) - off-route – into Upper Woburn Place. 300 yards further on it stopped adjacent to the BMA building in (postal address) Tavistock Square. A bus is not a taxi. When a bus is off-route, its itinerary is solely in the hands of CentreComm or the Garage Controllers. The Driver would have needed radioed instructions designed to put him back on route safely. At 9:47am, i.e. 17 minutes later, the bomb exploded.

This must have been a police-engineered ‘ad hoc’ diversion for a number of reasons. If that were not the case then a diversion would have been prepared, and consequently it would not have taken 17 minutes to radio them to the Driver. The pictures do not show buses ‘head-to-toe’ in Woburn Place radioing in for instructions.

The alleged bomber boarded the bus at 9:30am in Euston Square. The bus would have pulled away from the stop, reached the exit of Euston Square, pulled across into the main road, and been immediately confronted by the traffic lights. A journey, one would estimate, of perhaps one – maybe two – minutes at most. It would have been signalling to turn left on its normal route. At these traffic lights the police diverted it straight ahead (into Upper Woburn Place).

The police diverted this one single bus perhaps two minutes (at the very most) after the alleged bomber boarded it. 

According to Stagecoach Controllers, that specific bus underwent "20 hours of CCTV maintenance immediately prior to July 7th, by persons unknown to them". “20 hours of CCTV maintenance” is unprecedented. “By persons unknown to them” is thoroughly unprecedented.


Other Questions.

1)     The police diverted this one single bus perhaps two minutes (at the very most) after the alleged bomber boarded it. What is this? Telepathy?

2)     Why, when the July 7th 07.40am Luton to London train was cancelled, did the police say that the ‘bombers’ caught the 07.40 train?

3)     With the next Luton train arriving at Kings Cross at 08.42am, how did the four ‘bombers’ manage to reach the underground, board the different tubes, get into position and self-explode within a time-frame of 6-7 minutes?

4)     Why, with the saturation CCTV coverage (entrances, escalators, platforms, carriages) of London Underground, was there no footage to be found of the ‘suicide bombers’?

5)     If the Luton still photograph was obtained via CCTV (as opposed to PhotoShop) why is there only one of them? And why does white-hat-man, in front of the railings, have a railing half-way through his face and cutting off his lower left arm?

6)     What reason do we have to believe that the Sadique Khan ‘admission’ video was not merely footage of (a) an audition for a part in a play, or (b) an interview for the Visor Consultants drill?