A Short Reappraisal of Physics, Chemistry, and Engineering in general

By Veronica, August 2006


No, you do not need a degree in either Physics or Chemistry in order to understand this essay. You simply need to be big on commonsense.

Put your hand up if you have heard of Albert Einstein. Keep your hand up if you know what he is famous for.

Yes – his Theories of Relativity (General and Special).

Put your hand up if you have heard of Nikola Tesla. If it is up, then keep it up if you know what he is known for.

Here is a little clue: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tesla

Why did I ask those questions? Well, contrary to what Wikipedia says, Tesla was more of an ‘inventor’ than anything else. Of course, he had sufficient mathematics and engineering skills in order to invent, but he wasn’t really known as a mathematician or a physicist.

Feel free to read the Wikipedia description of his life and achievements, but pay particular attention to the section “Death and afterwards”, and note what happened to his papers, documents and notes. Some were released to his family, but the vast majority were (and still are, even after 60+ years) held ‘top secret’.

What does that say? Does it say that Tesla was nuts? Or does it say that Tesla’s work was serious?

Before going any further in this discussion, let’s look at what Tesla did more closely.

If you can plug a hairdryer into a wall socket, and switch it on, then you need to take a bow in Tesla’s direction. For two reasons.

Firstly, the very fact that you have sufficient power in wall sockets available to your home – and everyone in your locale – is due to Nikola Tesla. For it was he that understood the possibilities of moving electrical energy, generated at a Power Station, to some distant location (your home) without incurring sufficient losses so as to make the amount of electricity you receive to be so small, and unusable, as to be useless.

Nikola Tesla ‘invented’ the National Grids of all countries in the world.

Secondly, without an AC Motor in your hairdryer (or your Washing Machine, Refrigerator, etc.) it would be necessary to add additional components to convert your wall socket power into DC, in order to power a DC Motor. In Tesla’s day the Thomas Edison DC Motor was all the rage. This is referred to as the “War of Currents” in the Wikipedia article.

Nikola Tesla ‘invented’ the AC Motor.

Furthermore, if you read the Wikipedia article very closely, you will see that Tesla obtained the patent for Radio Communication. This was challenged by Marconi, and awarded to Marconi. The re-awarding was challenged by Tesla and, posthumously re-granted to Tesla.

Nikola Tesla ‘invented’ Radio Communication. (However, by this time he was deceased and could no longer raise his profile in this respect. Consequently Marconi’s name is still linked to the invention of Radio Communication).

By the way, the above is only a short list. Tesla’s name is attributable to many more inventions in daily use.

Now, you may say “So What? The gentleman was undoubtedly a genius, but there have been many other geniuses in the history of mankind”.

The point is, dear reader, that there is a lot more to it than that. A considerable amount more.

I have really only scraped the surface of Nikola Tesla in what is written above. And much of this ‘lot more’ is bound up in what became classified as ‘top secret’.

There are two major reasons why Tesla is more than a “So what?”

The first is largely bound up within that classified material, but also taking into account what Tesla demonstrated publicly while still alive.

The second reason is deeper, and it is to do with the study of Physics itself or, more accurately, the way in which Physics (and Chemistry) are studied and applied.

There was a reason why I introduced Albert Einstein in my first paragraph. This is because modern Physics and Chemistry are derived on the basis of Einstein’s published works in the early 1900s (circa 1919). And, the point is, that Tesla fundamentally disagreed with Einstein.

Consequently we have today’s Physics, which is based on Einsteinian Relativism, and we have Tesla’s Physics, which is based on something else.

And, although it may seem that Relativism has led to things such as Nuclear Power (and weaponry), please be assured that Tesla’s Physics also leads to such things (if we want them).

The point is that Tesla’s Physics has led to his inventions, the majority of which remain classified, and would lead to anything claimed by modern Relativistic Physics as well.

Consequently it behoves us to look more closely at each and, in doing so, we are in for a few surprises (I suggest).

So, let’s discuss the two kinds of Physics, and see what conclusions can be drawn, if at all possible.

First of all I have referred to modern Physics as being based on Einstein’s Theories of Relativity, and called it Relativistic Physics. From it has been derived a number of branches, for example Quantum Physics.

Unfortunately, however, there are (what appear to be) some absurdities bound up in Relativistic Physics, the main one being that a Physicist has to treat light as ‘luminescent particles’, called ‘photons’. I do not want to delve into the mathematics of this, for many reasons, but suffice to say Relativistic Physics doesn’t work too well unless the concept of photon is introduced.

Or, putting this another way, it could be said that the concept of Photons (tiny particles of light) was introduced in order to make sense of Relativistic Physics.

The reason is bound up by, and probably best explained in a commonsense way by, a look at Tesla’s Physics, which is better known at Aether Physics.

What is an, or the, Aether? Well, yes, it remains a concept because we cannot possibly see it, but it has validity, as I will try to explain.

Aether Physics is based on the assumption that permeating the entire Universe are particles that constitute the building blocks of all matter (anything with a mass). This includes Electrons, Protons, Neutrons, and all other particles that have been scientifically proved to exist. It is also based on the concept that Energy and Mass are not the same thing (contrary to Einstein). Aether Physics is based on the concept that Energy is energy, and fundamentally exists within the Universe. It is based on the concept that Mass is mass, and Matter simply ‘locks up chunks of Energy’ - which is released when an Atom is split or a chemical change occurs.

Aether Physics is also based on the fact that this locked up Energy (called Zero Point Radiation, or ZPR) exists (whether we like it or not). This branch of Physics embraces the Law of Conservation of Energy, and thus this locked up Energy is infinitely re-usable (by employing the correct techniques).

Now you may say that is quite a lot of concepts to swallow. But it isn’t really, because the reasoning behind it is fairly obvious.

This reasoning is bound up in what we call Electromagnetic Radiation (or Radio Waves, for short).

Most people are fairly well acquainted with Radio Waves. Most people have heard of the Electromagnetic Spectrum that (briefly) goes Low Frequency (long waves), Medium Frequency, Short Waves, Microwaves, Infrared, Visible Light, Ultraviolet, and then X-Rays, Gamma Rays, and so on.

And the obvious point is that all of these Electromagnetic Radiated Waves can propagate through a vacuum. If this were not the case, then we would receive no light nor heat from the Sun, nor would we see the Moon, nor receive Starlight.

Electromagnetic Radiated Waves comprise radiated Energy.

And the fundamental point is that Energy needs a ‘medium’ for the purposes of transfer. The idea of being able to transfer Energy to ‘nothing at all’ flies against all commonsense. In order to move from one part of space to another, it implies that ‘nothing at all’ (having received Energy) can then transfer it forward which again defies commonsense.

A Radio Wave, Electromagnetic Radiation, is a ‘wave’. A wave cannot exist without something to wave. If you drop a stone into a lake the ripples (the waves) will radiate outwards. In this case the ‘medium’ is, of course, the water in the lake.

Consequently, to postulate an Aether as the carriage medium makes a lot of sense, and we do not have to delve into ‘photons’ when we reach the Visible Light part of the spectrum. We can just carry on with the idea that Visible Light is waves, like all other parts of the EM spectrum.

Consequent to this concept, many ideas ‘fall out’. Firstly there is an explanation for ‘gravity’, which is analogous to ‘the effects of a pressure’. It is possible to argue that gravity (as we experience it) is a result of uneven Aetheric ‘pressure’, caused by the close proximity of masses, and causing physical movement toward each of these masses.

The fundamental point of this essay is that Tesla’s Aether Physics can explain Newton’s ‘gravity’, Einstein’s Relativism, and all that flows from either. And it doesn’t need to deviate into ‘Photons’ - in order to paper over the cracks Einstein’s Theories.

It also holds the promise of Free Energy.

And here is where we may have the answer to why the majority of Tesla’s works have been suppressed.

It is surely reasonable to argue that his works would not have been suppressed had they been inconsequential.

And it is also reasonable to suppose that the results of his labours are not only known to those who did the suppressing, but also have been exploited by those self-same suppressors.

Is it not? What is the point of the suppression if the above paragraphs are not true?

Current modern Physics, based on Einsteinian Relativistm, is not (to my knowledge) leading to Free Energy. In point of fact every so-called ‘advance’ seems to lead to even more pollution, largely based on the consumption of oil. And, not only that, it demands Orwellian doublethink in order to treat Photon Particles as Electromagnetic Waves, and vice versa, depending on (presumably) the flavour of the month.

Consequently it is possible to argue that real Physics has been suppressed, declared ‘top secret’ in order to maintain dependence on oil, to the advantage of those promulgating the suppression.

And it would behove all Physicists and Chemists, Engineers and the like, to re-examine their basic principles, because they might just be leading all of us up the Photon garden path.