"Sorcha Faal" - Who or What?

Well, the first thing to note is that "her" name is an anagram of "as of Rachal". And that Rachal Booth is David Booth's daughter. And who is David Booth? One of the biggest hoaxers on the Internet (Google "David Booth").

Oh, but that's not very much.

And, anyway, what's that got to do with "Sorcha Faal"? Well, "she" has a website called WhatDoesItMean.com, and this website was registered by ... hey ... David Booth! (Go here, and type "whatdoesitmean" into the entry box).

So ... the plot thickens.

But now, we have to go back a little in time, and I need to relate a couple of personal experiences. I'll be as concise as I can.

Firstly, I once had a letter printed in a newspaper (back in the '80s). It was in support of CND. But when I say "I had a letter printed", that is not - strictly -true. What they printed was about 1/2 of the letter I wrote. What was actually printed was rubbish. They had chopped large chunks out, and the printed result made no sense.

Based on that experience I decided that, if that happened to me, then it probably happened to others who had their letters printed. So, when I was reading "Readers Letters to the Editor", who knows what the originator had really said?

Secondly I once lived for a few months on the Isle of Wight. While there I fell into conversation with a guy who had been in the army. And had done tours in Northern Ireland. He told me his story. That, during one tour of duty, his squad had attended an incident (in the Falls Road). Being there, he said he knew exactly what the incident was about. When he later saw that incident reported on the TV, he was gobsmacked. The report he saw was nothing remotely connected with what he knew to be true. The BBC had even pasted images of troops who had never been to Northern Ireland (he could tell by their insignia).

What was the point of those two little anecdotes? Don't ever believe what you read in the papers, see on TV (or even read as Letters to the Editor). Don't take anything on trust.

But you can probably prove that for yourself. Take any subject about which you are personally familiar. Then compare what you know to what is written in the media. Does it add up? Well, for example, what is printed in the media in the context of Homeopathy doesn't add up. What is printed in the context of 9/11 doesn't add up. What is printed in the context of 7/7 doesn't add up.

So what about all those subjects of which you have little or skimpy personal knowledge?

Are you going to believe that? Or are you going to say "Chances are it is just more bullshit"?

The mainstream media lies. And the lies are "in your face".

So, let's return to "as of Rachal". "She" bases "her" stories on mainstream media ... what? Truth or bullshit?

And, on top of the latter, "she" piles a load more ... what? Truth or bullshit?

Logically, unless you start with a true premise you can never reach a true conclusion. Or, to put it another way "Two wrongs don't make a right".

But there's just a little bit more about this "Russian Academic".

Read "her" articles. (Any one will do). For a "Russian" she writes impeccable English, doncha think? Or could that be all down to translation? Well, then, could we have the name of the Translator, please? Or, do you think, this impeccable English is actually written by an American ... possible name mega-hoaxer David Booth? The guy who owns "her" website? Whaddya think?

Geez ... he didn't even have to commonsense to register in the name of "Sorcha Faal"! There is nothing to stop someone by the name of "Sorcha Faal" (if that person is real) from registering a website from anywhere in the world. It only takes a couple of clicks. Geez!


Administrative Contact:
David Booth (dbooth37@tds.net)
Fax: 6035886347
22 Mattheson Road
Antrim, NH 03440

How come this guy in Antrim, New Hampshire meets up with this "Russian Academic", and donates "her" a website? Come on David, let's have some background!

I know what I think. 24 carat, high quality, bullshit.

The world state is quite bad enough, without all this over-the-top melodrama, and theatrics.

I think someone is extracting urine, and I know it isn't me.

Obviously you have the inalienable right to fall for it if you choose. But not me. It's so fishy, I can smell the cod.


Veronica Chapman,
July, 2008