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However, before downloading any product, please be sure to read the Disclaimer & Policy Statement.

Merlin the Wizard V3
(1.3Mb download)

One copy of Merlin on your computer can handle many thousands of accounts (i.e. Sign-In Pages), and you can arrange for different people to have their own unique set. Merlin provides local password protection for each set, and everything is locally encrypted.

The download package comes complete with an initial set of Spelles (Sign-in Templates) and a fully comprehensive (contextual) Help File that explains how to immediately get started.

Merlin incorporates a "New" button that provides the capability of setting up a personalised Sign-In Spelles within minutes ... or even seconds. 

Furthermore Merlin can check for, download, and auto-install, updated Spelles that are published on this WebSite from time to time.

If you live in the UK Merlin costs 5 to register as a single, 'one-off' payment. If you live in the EEC Merlin costs approximately 9 Euros. If you live anywhere else in the world, Merlin costs approximately US$10. (See Disclaimer & Policy Statement, below).

Stop press:There are many applications for Merlin.

Gathering up-to-date snapshots of your personal information on to your own local hard disc is one of them.

WebSite Navigation Testing and Analysis is another.

Click here for more information about these applications.

Tight Budget Financial Assistant V1.16
(1.3Mb download)

The Tight Budget Financial Assistant is a system for keeping a eye on your bank balance(s). Tight Budget can be used to keep an eye on as many bank accounts as you possess.

It can be set up to project your budget as far into the future as you wish. Setting it up requires the minimum of information - a recent bank statement is generally all you need. This means you can be up and running within minutes.

You can easily adjust the information at any time as, and when, more accurate information becomes available.

As the information becomes more realistic, Tight Budget's predictions become correspondingly more accurate.

The benefits include: simple to set up, simple to use, comes complete with a comprehensive contextual Help File, and accomplishes most operations from one central screen.

Often you will find Tight Budget providing you with an accurate bank balance several days before your bank can tell you.

If you live in the UK Tight Budget costs 12 to register as a single, 'one-off' payment. If you live in the EEC Tight Budget costs approximately 16 Euros. If you live anywhere else in the world, Tight Budget costs approximately US$17.95. (See Disclaimer & Policy Statement, below)

The PC Scrutineer for Windows (V1.16) & DOS V(4.9)
(2.74Mb Complete download)
(710Kb Floppy-compatible download - Part 1)
(710Kb Floppy-compatible download - Part 2)
(710Kb Floppy-compatible download - Part 3)
(680Kb Floppy-compatible download - Part 4)

The PC Scrutineer is an MS-DOS Application acting an intelligent assistant to a Scrutineer of Ballroom Dancing Contests, and is offered on the basis of a 60-day completely free trial.

The total package comprises an MS-DOS Engine and a 32-bit Windows 9x/NT/2K/XP Control Panel that provides convenient access to the Engine. The Engine provides for the fastest entering of competing dancer's/couple's placement  marks.

The MS-DOS Engine has been in existence since 1991. Its computation of marks and placements for Ballroom Dancing Contests has been written to the rules defined as The Skating System, and has proved to be accurate and consistent since the early '90s.

It supports all (known) styles of contests and marking, including the regular 1-2-3-4-5 Modern and Latin styles, Mixed (Modern/Latin), Disco, Old Tyme, Ten-Dances, and the Repechage marking system.

It also supports the production of results that include the names of the contestants, will compute to Championship Standard, and was deliberately written under MS-DOS in order to provide the fastest method of keying/collecting Adjudicator marking.

Benefits include: fast input of Adjudication marks; on-line contextual Help; time-proven computational accuracy; comprehensive built-in verification of the most complex results computations.

The PC Scrutineer will run on a Laptop, provided that there is a printer connected. For this reason the product can be downloaded as four floppy-compatible portions. This makes it easy to install on a Laptop that does not have an Internet connection of its own. To do this: copy each Part (setup.exe, setup.002, setup.003 and setup.004) to the same Folder on the Laptop, and install by double-clicking setup.exe.

If you live in the UK The PC Scrutineer costs 250 to register as a single, 'one-off' payment. If you live in the EEC The PC Scrutineer costs approximately 363 Euros. If you live anywhere else in the world, The PC Scrutineer costs approximately US$420. (See Disclaimer & Policy Statement, below).

Disclaimer & Policy Statement

Except where noted, products are offered on the basis of a 30-day completely free trial, are compatible with Windows 9x/NT/ME/XP/2K, and require no special hardware.

You simply download a product, install it, and use it. You do not need a credit/debit card. You do not need to specify any e-mail address. Your trial period is completely anonymous. If, for any reason, you decide that the product is unsuitable for you, it can be de-installed from the Add/Remove feature in the Windows Control Panel.

We cannot guarantee to create upgrades, so please do not register any of the above products until you are completely satisfied that it works for you, and provides you with a convenience that is worth the price.

We do, however, have a policy of guaranteeing to provide free support, including any necessary bug fixes, to Registered Users. Furthermore product upgrades are free to Registered Users.

Each product has a "Buy Now" button that enables purchasing via


Your purchase will be confirmed within a few seconds, and you will be supplied with a Registration Key either immediately - or by e-mail - depending on your choice. Entering this Registration Key, via the button provided on the product, will permanently unlock it for use. You are entrusted not to make your Key generally known.