If you already have Video Editing Software (that displays accurate Frame Numbers), then you may be able to skip some of Stage 1:2. All descriptions I give are related to Virtual Dub.


You may need to install a copy of VDownloader, in order to create a local copy of the video clip that forms the subject matter.


I claim no originality in relation to the inspiration to examine this video clip. The fundamental idea came from the author "StillDiggin", whose articles I reference below. Based on his original idea, regarding the eye-witness "Jim Freidl", we collaborated on that article and on other aspects of this video clip. Some of the suggested thoughts come from him, and some from me. I also include additional suggestions that have occurred to me since collaboration.



Experiment Stage 1 (Setup)


1. Watch this video all the way through: Video URL:


2. Then you can analyse it. To do this you need some software. I’ve placed the relevant software together on my WebSite. It’s all freebie stuff, so that’s no problem. The only thing I have done is to create ‘installation wrappers’ around it, where none existed before.


The URLs to this software are: (Sets up VDOWNLoader Application, which enables Google Video or YouTube Videos to be saved locally as AVI files.) (Which comprises all the CoDecs for Virtual Dub, below) (Sets up Virtual Dub Application which allows AVI Video Editing … with the facilities of accurate Single Framing, etc. No editing will be necessary, just Single Framing)


All three applications need to be downloaded and installed. I suggest you accept all defaults (or set Installation Folders differently if your wish. You will be offered the ability of Desktop Icons. In the case of the CoDecs, I let it install whatever it suggested. I had a problem with Windows Movie Maker afterwards, but I now know the answer to that, and it isn’t serious at all (although it LOOKS it). If you use MM2, and have any problems later, it’s just a matter of turning off unnecessary CoDecs to MM2.


The only thing I did do, was to say “No” to the CoDecs Installation, when it offered to delete Registry stuff at the end of the process.


3. At this point you just need a local copy of the YouTube Video as an AVI File. VDownLoader will create this for you. Run it, and Paste in the URL of the YouTube Video. Then click its “DOWNLOAD” Button. Select AVI Format, and wait for completion.


IF YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEMS WITH THIS STAGE, CLICK HERE. to download the copy I made for myself. Of course, I would rather you downloaded from YouTube directly, because I don’t want to be accused of ‘fiddling things’..


4. Use Virtual Dub to open and playback your local copy. VDub has two screens (Input & Output) For your purposes either will do … they are the same thing. There is an “Input Play” button and an “Output Play” button controlling each screen separately. Right click a screen and choose 25% on one, and about 200% for the other.


5. Play this local copy through, making sure what you see and hear is exactly as per the original YouTube version. Gain an ‘impression’. For example “Does the Sound Track match with what appears onscreen’? Does anything seem ‘wrong’ in any way? Play the role of an American TV Viewer, watching in abject horror, as the events unfold. Because that was the true situation at the time.


6. Here’s a URL to an alternative version (FOX5) on YouTube:

You can see it is initially the same audio track through the “Jim Friedl” interview, leading up to the South Tower ‘hit’,  whence their “Oh my goodness there’s another one” is, apparently, just based on the sudden appearance of the fireball. This clip is interesting, but nothing like as revealing as the main one.


That’s the end of the First Stage.



Experiment Stage 2


1. Using Virtual Dub, and running the downloaded AVI, go to Frame 13731. You can use the slider, and Left & Right Arrows go backwards/forwards in single step. Hold a key down for repeat. Space pauses a playback. Space again restarts.


2. Step through 13731 to about 13745. It’s a camera change – a change to a camera on a Chopper.


3. Now, ask yourself a few questions.


(a)   What was wrong with the original view of the North Tower, which had been shown burning away all that time?


(b)   What made it necessary to change to a Chopper shot which was (we reckon) about 6 miles away at the time? You can see the Towers are very small in the distance.


(c)    This Chopper angle shows – WHAT – extra features? If you hit playback normal speed, you will see a ‘camera alignment … as the camera straightens up, and 4 fairly quick zooms are necessary in order to restore a close-up shot of the Towers … now ‘side on’.


4. At Frame 14264 the ‘nose of the plane’ appears at the right-hand edge of the screen. How many seconds was that, following the original main Chopper camera change, and how many seconds is this since the end of the ‘final closeup zoom’?


5. Overall, what do you think about this whole sequence?


6. While you are thinking about that, set to Frame 14297, and step through to 14300, maybe choosing a zoom of 300%.


7. What do you see?



Experiment Stage 3


1. Investigate frames 14281 through 14290 VERY CLOSELY. Observe how the plane enters the building. See if you can see any ‘debris’ whatsoever, falling down the side of the building, below the impact zone.


2. Repeat this, and watch the port (left) wing, until tail of the plane has disappeared. Bear this observation in mind.


3. Now Step to 14304, then on to 14321. What was that? Noise Bars? Why Noise Bars? Why Noise Bars RIGHT THERE? This clip has been checked, end to end. That is the only place where these Noise Bars appear. Of course, at normal speed, it’s just a ‘blip’, which a TV Viewer would not notice.


4. It is also a good idea – if you are seeking an explanation to these things – to play the sequence from 14242 (start of the final zoom) through to 14300 (maximum ‘nose cone’) at normal speed. You will observe that, immediately after completing the final zoom, the camera continues panning slightly to the right.


5. Now go back to frame 14026. The Chopper camera has just aligned, and is literally just about to start the first zoom. The distance to the right of the South Tower being shown is 1.07 miles. See here for full mathematical calculation:


6. Where is the ‘plane’? The plane that was about to hit the South Tower some NINE SECONDS later? (Virtual Dub will tell you the time was 7:56 minus 7:47). The article quoted above, calculates mathematically – assuming various approach speeds (from an impossible 600mph down to 300mph), the plane should have been somewhere shown here by the blue markers (the red marker is ‘most likely’):



6. That completes Stage 3.



Experiment Stage 4


1. Consider the eye-witnesses that form the first segment of this clip. The first is Rosa Cordona Rivera. Whether or not she is plausible depends on one’s knowledge of Lower Manhattan.


2. However the second eye-witness, Jim Friedl, is another matter. He is fully discussed here:


3. During his description “Jim Friedl” repeatedly asserts that he saw “smoke & debris” issue from the ‘other side’ of the North Tower, which is a view of the Tower that is impossible from Hoboken. In that article you will find indications that place “independent eye-witness Jim Friedl” in communication with the helicopters.


That completes the experiment. I hope you found it interesting and worth the effort. The ‘kit’ you used can be employed to discover precisely what happened on 9/11 – particularly in relation to the demise of the Towers.

Revision, 29th January, 2007

There is one other thing you can do. Here is another YouTube URL: for you to watch. I have created a downloadable AVI here. Virtual Dub can be used to scrutinise it. 

Veronica Chapman

January, 2007